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We produce small-module spur gears and bevel gears with modules from 0,05 to 0,5 and outer diameters from 2 mm to 20 mm!

Our gears have precision accuracy and very high quality of surface, because of usage the cutting edge technologies and modern equipment.

Gear generating involves gear cutting through the relative motion of a rotating cutting tool and the generating, or rotational, motion of the workpiece. The two primary generating processes that we use are hobbing and shaping.

 Hobbing uses a helically fluted cutting tool called a hob. Both the hob and the workpiece rotate as the hob is fed axially across the gear blank. Hobbing is limited to producing external gear teeth on spur and helical gears. Hobbing can be performed on a single gear blank, but also allows for stacking of multiple workpieces, increasing production rates.

Shaping produces gears by rotating the workpiece in contact with a reciprocating cutting tool. The cutter may be pinion shaped, a multi-tooth rack-shaped cutter, or a single-point cutting tool.