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We specialize in high precision turning and milling on lathes and other CNC machines.


This operation is one of the most basic machining processes. Turning is a machining process in which a cutting tool, basically a non-rotary, describes a helical toolpath by moving more or less linearly while the workpiece rotates. Milling is a machining process in which rotary cutters remove material from a workpiece feeding in a direction at an angle with the axis of the tool.

We produce small-module spur gears and bevel gears with modules from 0,05 to 0,5 and outer diameters from 2 mm to 20 mm!

Our gears have precision accuracy and very high quality of surface, because of usage the cutting edge technologies and modern equipment.

Gear generating involves gear cutting through the relative motion of a rotating cutting tool and the generating, or rotational, motion of the workpiece. The two primary generating processes that we use are hobbing and shaping.

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Air Motor МP-40S

We produce different dental appliances, and one of them is Air Motor MP-40S and parts for it.



The air micromotor MP-40S is intended for the following applications: drive for dental transmission instruments for dental restoration, prophylaxis and endodontic work. Uses dry pressured air and has an adjustable rotation frequency.

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