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LLC Company MK specializes in small-part machining, producing details with different turning, drilling and milling elements and producing appliances for the dental medicine.

We work only with modern machines and equipment, such as lathes and turning and milling machines produced in England, Japan, South Korea.


We manufacture parts for the instrument-making plants, precision engeneering and dental industry where very high requirements to the sizes, forms and surfaces.

Only high-qualified staff are working on us, which let us to minimize the time from getting the order to sending the finished products.

Our experience in metalworking, using the best quality tools from leading companies and applying the cutting edge technologies help us to get necessary results and to ensure the highest quality.


In 2015 we have learned how to make spur gears and bevel gears with small modules (below 1.0) and high degree of accuracy. Also we gradually embed modern finishing technologies of surface processing and deburring.

LLC Company MK develops very actively. We have big plans for the near future such as to enlarge of the equipment park, to increase the range of dental appliances, to develop the production of special electrical connectors and connectors for the microwave devices.

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